East, a new vegetarian restaurant in the heart of Auckland, has opened and if the food is as good as its calming interior then we want to book a table. Pronto.

In a year that’s been tough for everyone – particularly women who are experiencing redundancies, food poverty and domestic violence – we think it’s time to shine a light on these epic women’s support services.

To make sure our memories with our families and housemates are as positive as possible, here are some evidence-based tips for calming down, and preventing conflict during lockdown.

Mind Body and Home With Carly Flynn

Discover how broadcaster and mum of three, Carly Flynn, manages anxiety, nervous energy and busy-ness – and the fantastic mantra she lives by.

General daily anxiety – explained as mental distress/unease because of fear or misfortune – is commonly felt my many, every day, and sometimes all day. Here’s some helpful tools to find calm.

Natasha Godetz had reached her darkest hour of dealing with chronic pain, when her mindset was challenged, allowing her to kick her illness to the curb.

Simone Anderson’s diary is full enough to make our head spin. But she manages her chaos & calm well thanks to planning, routine, good food and gratitude.

You don’t need to speak fluent ‘finance’ to understand this Guide To Money Management podcast. It’ll change the way you feel about your finances – for good!

The average person is interrupted every seven minutes by email, phone or co-workers. No wonder we’re not as productive as we’d like to be. Here’s some office and working-from-home tips.

While it’s certainly not a ‘one scent suits all’ solution, there are a couple of fragrances that are popular pep-me-up choices that can give our brain and senses an uplift.

We’re familiar with ladies loving their time out from their busy, multi-tasking days. But what about the lads? Turns out, it’s crucial for men to recharge too. Here’s why.

I love the sound of rain on the roof. Particularly in the evening when my children are blissfully asleep and I have a glass of red nearby. And chocolate. Why is it that this sound can take relaxation to the next level?

Anxiety increases our heart rate and overloads our body systems – affecting us mentally and physically. Try these tunes to get you back to calm, relatively quickly.